Prague: a place to set up camp?

I didn’t grow up hearing much about Prague or the Czech Republic.  But since I’ve been doing research into possible destinations for my travels, Prague has been stuck in my mind.  There are many things about Prague that I find appealing:

  • Low cost of living (rent is cheap)
  • Beautiful architecture
  • Nice people
  • Centrally located in Europe

For these reasons, I have been considering using Prague as a home base in Europe.  I have conceptualized that I could find a fairly inexpensive apartment/flat and rent it out for a few months.  From there, I could use trains and buses to do some tripping and trekking to other parts of Europe.

Should I set up a home base in Prague?



3 thoughts on “Prague: a place to set up camp?

  1. Prague is an excellent place to use as a home base! You can fly to Paris, Venice, or other wonderful destinations in less than two hours. The public transport is excellent, and connections by train and bus are easy. Rent and cost of living is indeed cheaper than in other European cities. And…. the best thing is that you come “home” to Prague:)

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