The Sunny Dream of Lisbon

“How I Fell for Lisbon”- New York Times article

Lisbon has been described as the sunniest city in Europe.  This is why I am considering Lisbon as a destination, especially if I start out my travels in the middle of winter.  Lisbon is a beautiful city (from what I’ve seen in pictures) and has a lot to offer.  From some research, I’ve discovered that it has reasonable prices and I have a good chance of finding an apartment to rent for a month or two at a decent price.

I love the title of this New York Times article, “How I Fell for Lisbon.”  It makes Lisbon sound like a charming and endearing city.  I can almost imagine myself roaming the streets, going to the market, relaxing on a small terrace and gazing at the ocean.  Even in the winter, the temperature stays well above freezing.  It sounds like a wonderful place to stay.

I really hope to see you someday, Lisbon.

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