Poetry From My Past Speaks to My Future

I discovered some old poetry of mine I had written many years ago. Finding this is almost like a window into my past. It makes me feel content to connect with my past self. I am the same as I was then, yet different. I think that I’m still searching for the images in these poems, however. My destiny may be to carry on this journey of discovery for the rest of my life. Curiosity and my constant desire to know more is always pulling on me. I think that I will have to settle for knowing that this is an unquenchable thirst, but I will keep searching anyway.


And There You Were

The quiet night settled upon the hills.
The soft stars dotted the sky, twinkling.
A warm breeze swept past the still pastures.
And there you were,
Standing before me, bold and mysterious.
Your eyes deep and searching mine,
Holding me close.
Your hair gently blowing in the wind.
And here you are, holding me close,
Gently kissing my neck,
Whispering in my ear.
Your heart beating next to mine.
This night belongs to the stars,
Because that’s where I’m floating.


You Are the Music in My Head

You never escape my mind.
That moment when I saw you after it had
been years, still sticks in my mind.
There’s a reason I saw you, I know there is.
Coincidence is for the naïve.
Our relationship would be like music:
Amazing, inspiring, fulfilling.
I imagine that you’re somewhere in music.
In all those magnificent sounds and rhythms
Your soul is floating.
That’s why I lose my breath when I hear it.
Nothing in this world touches me like music.
That’s because I haven’t touched you yet.
Touching you would be like having all the
Greatest music in the world,
Constantly flowing through my head, like a
stream of consciousness.
Why can’t I be the song in your head?
The music is there, you just have to turn it on.


Snowflakes Dropped to the Earth Last Night

I looked outside.
I smiled because I love this earth.
It’s so beautiful, magnificent.
I just stare at the soft white snow.
Snowflakes falling everywhere.
The earth is so still, so quiet.
I took in the scene,
Not forgetting anything about it.
A light orange tint shone on the snow.
It looked so warm.
I wanted to put this picture in my hand,
And then swallow it.
I wanted to live this moment forever.
For some reason, this scene touched me,
In a way nothing has before.
My eyes misted not because of the cold,
But because of something inside me,
That’s trying to come out,
But can’t find the way.


Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes,
I see a deep blue sea.
It’s full of many memories,
And several experiences.
You try to hide you sensitivity,
But no matter how much you try,
I can always find it.
You have a way to make a person feel better,
by just putting your arms around them.
Your sweet voice makes me feel warm inside,
and your tender face–special.
Your eyes are a gateway into your heart.
They have a way of swallowing me until
I am head over heels in love with you.




Photo credit: space2livedotnet.files.wordpress.com

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