Freya Stark: A Courageous Female Explorer

"It is so wonderful to be away, really away; a new land opening out every morning." -Freya Stark Freya Stark was a female traveler, who with the help of often times only a guide, journeyed into parts of the Middle East most women (or men) would never dare.  She was British, although she spent most [...]

To Those Who Travel and Wander

On Foot I Wandered Through the Solar Systems On foot I wandered through the solar systems, before I found the first thread of my red dress. Already I have a sense of myself. Somewhere in space my heart hangs, emitting sparks, shaking the air, to other immeasurable hearts. -Edith Sodergran (Finland, 1892-1923) I'm hoping that when [...]

This is Antarctica

This is a picture from the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) website of a research station currently set up in Antarctica.  This is McMurdo Station.  It is located on the southern tip of Ross Island, which is about 2,415 miles (3,864 km) south of Christchurch, New Zealand, and 850 miles (1,360 km) north of the [...]