Inside the Head of a Solo Female Traveler

When I am traveling by myself in an unknown city there are the many thoughts and feelings simultaneously going through my head. Traveling is not only strenuous for the body, but also for the mind. Below I listed some of the things going around in my head while I travel. 1. Does this person standing next [...]

A Peek Into the Past at the Rome Observatory

Since I have began planning my trip to Rome, I have spent countless hours staring at maps of the city discovering one site after another.  One particular point surrounded in green leaped out at me: the Rome Observatory and the Astronomical and Copernican Museum.  Beginning in childhood, I have been insatiably intrigued by space and [...]

Prague: a place to set up camp?

I didn't grow up hearing much about Prague or the Czech Republic.  But since I've been doing research into possible destinations for my travels, Prague has been stuck in my mind.  There are many things about Prague that I find appealing: Low cost of living (rent is cheap) Beautiful architecture Nice people Centrally located in [...]