I Want to Travel

I have the desire to see things.  This desire grows larger in me every day.  Some days it is so big that I can think of nothing else.  I want to see buildings, I want to see people, I want to see rivers and lakes, I want to see everything.  My desire to travel has … Continue reading I Want to Travel

This is Antarctica

This is a picture from the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) website of a research station currently set up in Antarctica.  This is McMurdo Station.  It is located on the southern tip of Ross Island, which is about 2,415 miles (3,864 km) south of Christchurch, New Zealand, and 850 miles (1,360 km) north of the … Continue reading This is Antarctica

Celiac Disease and Travel Abroad

I was diagnosed with celiac disease today.  This means I can't eat or drink anything with gluten, such as products with wheat, rye and barley.  There are many other ingredients that I have to avoid as well. This is a major blow for me when it comes to traveling abroad.  It means that when I … Continue reading Celiac Disease and Travel Abroad

Prague: a place to set up camp?

I didn't grow up hearing much about Prague or the Czech Republic.  But since I've been doing research into possible destinations for my travels, Prague has been stuck in my mind.  There are many things about Prague that I find appealing: Low cost of living (rent is cheap) Beautiful architecture Nice people Centrally located in … Continue reading Prague: a place to set up camp?

The World is within my reach

This is my world map.  It is taped to my wall right above the place where I sleep.  Sometimes at night, I lie in bed, stare at the map and dream of all of the places I want to go.  It does not match any of my other decorations, but it is the most treasured … Continue reading The World is within my reach